My name is Elias Willerup.

Elias is a common name in Denmark, where I'm originally from! I moved to Idaho, USA at a young age and I've lived here since.

I have three creative passions: games, music, and videos. I'm thankful to have achieved modest success in each.

I make games.

My first release on Steam is called "PolyFIGHT," a fast-paced 2D shooter playable with up to 8 online friends.

For 5 years I worked with a 3D game platform called "Blocksmith." I published several titles there, including "Bot Is Sus," a game for teaching K-12 students the basics of coding. It was featured on hourofcode.org and the franchise continues to be updated annually.

My current project is a cave diving game called "DIVE."

I make music.

I contributed to a band called "VEMM" for 4 years. I played the bass guitar, sang, and I mixed our records.

Our song "Speak Up" made the band a one-hit-wonder and has been streamed over a million times across platforms.

I make videos.

My two YouTube channels have a combined 1k subscribers and 500k views.

"Laggy McStab" has videogame related content, including trailers and gameplay of my games. My most popular videos are from a series where I compare and explain PC game graphics settings.

Under the musical pseudonym "Eli Harrison" I make videos teaching bass guitar and covering the songs of my favorite band, "Her's."

Let's chat!

I'm happy to get in touch and looking forward to hearing from you.