Elias smiling

Hello! I'm Elias Willerup and I make games. Welcome to my portfolio.
Professionally, I have six years of experience working on games through a startup called Blocksmith and through my degree.
I graduated from Boise State University with a degree in Games and Interactive Media Mobile, or GIMM for short.

Elias focussing deeply on his bass playing

In my studies at Boise State University I became comfortable with working on large group projects.
See some of my projects below! I try to describe my development process and the thinking behind my design decisions.

Development Chronicles

Catmageddon VR


Catmageddon is a casual VR destruction game where the player controls a cat capable of destroying a house.



Reclaim is a therapeutic planting game where the player adds color to abandoned city ruins. I made it solo for a two-week game jam.

Bot is sus?


Bot is sus? is a puzzle game which introduces beginner coding concepts to students. hourofcode.org features it on their games page.

Some of my projects are on Blocksmith XR.

See eliasw on blocksmithxr.com

Elias with some mountains behind him

If you want to make something awesome together, please reach out! Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin or send me an email.